Whitewater Rafting Near Boise Idaho

From the Boise River to the Payette River, rafting in Idaho is a much loved, annual tradition.

Rafting rivers in Idaho starts in the capital city of Boise, where thousands frequently spend a few hours every summer, enjoying a peaceful float down the Boise River. The Boise River flows from the Lucky Peak Dam, located just minutes from downtown Boise, right through the Boise State University campus. People use anything from inner tubes to river rafts to float this section of the river, and it’s a great introduction to the fun to be had just under an hour away on the Payette River. 

From Boise to Payette, kick it up a notch with runs that include family friendly class II and III rapids to the more daring trips with class IV rapids. Whatever rafting adventure you choose, trust Bear Valley Rafting’s team of experienced whitewater rafting guides to lead you safely and expertly through the entire whitewater experience. From that thrilling first push of the raft into the pristine waters of the Payette River, to the heart-racing adrenaline rush of navigating through white water rapids, to the delicious riverside BBQ—Bear Valley Rafting Company is your best choice for an epic Idaho white water rafting experience!

Did You Know?

  • While the Boise River float season officially runs from mid to late June through Labor Day, whitewater rafting season on the Payette River with Bear Valley Rafting runs May through September.

  • The American Whitewater Association developed a system called the international scale of river difficulty, to rate rapids. Rapids are classified from I to VI. The family friendly rafting trips that Bear Valley Rafting guide consist of class II and III rapids. Class II rapids are defined as being straightforward and having wide, clear channels. Occasional maneuvering may be necessary but hazards are easily avoided. Class III rapids are moderate with irregular waves. Complex maneuvering in fast current and good boat control are required. Our more adventurous trips include class IV rapids which are defined as intense and powerful rapids that require precise boat control and fast maneuvering under pressure.

Half-Day Rafting Trips

We offer two half-day Payette River Rafting trips down either the Main or South Fork of the Payette river. Come enjoy the beautiful scenery on Idaho’s most popular whitewater run. 
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full-day whitewater rafting trips on the Payette River in Idaho

Full-Day Rafting Trips

We offer two full-day Payette River Rafting trips down either the Canyon-South fork or Cabarton-North fork. All of our full-day trips include lunch prepared by your guide! 
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We offer whitewater rafting trips to accommodate everyone from the total novice to the seasoned veteran.
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