Whitewater Rafting in Idaho

With some of the most accessible white water in Idaho, the Payette River offers rafting trips that are both thrilling and beautiful

What better way to enjoy this amazing Idaho white water than rafting down the Payette River located in the picturesque Boise National Forest? We can think of only one: bringing your family and friends to enjoy it with you! But whether you come by yourself, or bring a group, whitewater rafting in Idaho is a must for anyone’s bucket list. We believe Idaho has the greatest whitewater on the planet, and we want to share it with you! 

At less than an hour from Boise, the Payette River is the most frequently rafted river in Idaho due to the many half-day and single-day white water rafting trips it offers. The North Fork Payette and South Fork Payette are generally reserved for those with more whitewater rafting experience, while the Main Payette is a family-friendly, fun class II-III section, offering great whitewater for less experienced rafters.

Whatever rafting adventure you choose, trust our team of experienced whitewater rafting guides to lead you safely and expertly through the entire whitewater experience. From that thrilling first push of the raft into the pristine waters of the Payette River, to the heart-racing adrenaline rush of navigating through white water rapids, to the delicious riverside BBQ—Bear Valley Rafting Company is your best choice for an epic Idaho white water rafting experience!

Half-Day Rafting Trips

We offer two half-day Payette River Rafting trips down either the Main or South Fork of the Payette river. Come enjoy the beautiful scenery on Idaho’s most popular whitewater run. 
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full-day whitewater rafting trips on the Payette River in Idaho

Full-Day Rafting Trips

We offer two full-day Payette River Rafting trips down either the Canyon-South fork or Cabarton-North fork. All of our full-day trips include lunch prepared by your guide! 
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We offer whitewater rafting trips to accommodate everyone from the total novice to the seasoned veteran.
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