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Please be advised that Bear Valley Rafting Co. will do everything possible to accommodate all reservations but we will not guarantee a reservation until the reservation is confirmed by one of our staff via the telephone. We require 48 hours notice prior to your departure time for online reservations. Please telephone us if necessary. All reservations require a 50% deposit and any trips canceled within one week of the trip become non-refundable. All trips go out daily rain, snow or shine

Half-Day Rafting Trips

We offer two half-day Payette River Rafting trips down either the Main or South Fork of the Payette river. Come enjoy the beautiful scenery on Idaho’s most popular whitewater run.
Starting at $56 per adult
Half-Day Main Payette (ages 4+)
Half-Day Staircase - South Fork Payette (ages 12+)
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Full-Day Rafting Trips

We offer two full-day Payette River Rafting trips down either the Canyon-South fork or Cabarton-North fork. All of our full-day trips include lunch prepared by your guide!
Starting at $99 per adult
Full-Day Cabarton - North Fork Payette (ages 4+)
Full-Day Canyon - South Fork Payette (ages 12+)
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Bear Valley Group Rafting Trips

Corporate Team Building

What better way to get your employees to work together than with a whitewater rafting trip down the rapids? Cooperation, teamwork, communication and the ability to follow instruction are all critical to successful whitewater rafting… and to business productivity.

Starting with our safety talk, we stress the importance of working as a team to achieve goals on the river- keeping everyone together and having a great time. During the trip we continually work the group as a team with drills – practice that will be put to the test when we hit the rapids.

Your employees will come out of this fun, experienced with increased confidence, self-reliance, and most importantly, trust. Let us whip your team into shape with a one or multi-day team building trip.
Build Your Team!

Customer Appreciation

If you’ve ever taken one of your clients golfing and thought that was a great way to thank them for their business, just wait until you take them whitewater rafting! It’s a win/win opportunity for everyone!

Imagine helping each other gear up for the whitewater rafting trip and then sitting across from each other. You work together to shoot through the rapids, paddling in sync, sharing the fun and the excitement of the experience. When the trip is over you can put your arm around their shoulder and say “Wasn’t that great? You and I work so well together, we can accomplish anything!”

Taking your client rafting sends a strong message about the strength of your relationship and your ability to work together.
Work Together!

Main Payette

Moderate - Class II & III
Kids 4+
Relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery on Idaho’s most popular whitewater run. Your family will love the sandy beaches and great swimming holes on the main fork of the Payette River that highlight this excursion, and you’ll get a taste of rafting that famous Idaho whitewater.
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$56 adults
$39 kids 4-12 years old
$53.00 age 65+ (new senior pricing)
full-day whitewater rafting trips on the Payette River in Idaho

Cabarton North Fork Payette

Moderate - Class II & III
Kids 4+
This is a great run for the whole family. Enjoy the abundant wildlife during the relaxing calm stretches, followed by some exciting whitewater. Hold onto your hat as you wrap up your trip at Howard’s Plunge! Lunch is provided on one of the beautiful beaches along the way.
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$99 adults
$73 kids 4-12 years old
$95.00 age 65+ (new senior pricing)

Staircase-South Fork Payette

Advanced - Class III & IV
Must be 12+
This trip combines exciting whitewater rafting and beautiful scenery along the south fork of the Payette River. You will tear down the barrel of the famous Staircase, a quarter-mile-long class IV rapid guaranteed to take your breath away. This trip requires some serious coordinated paddling as you plunge through rapids like Bronco Billy and Slalom. An adrenaline thrill you won’t soon forget!
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Canyon - South Fork Payette

Advanced - Class III & IV
Must be 12+
Strong paddling technique and experience is required for this adventurous run. Navigate the big rapids of Gateway and S-Turn before a mandatory portage at Big Falls. Watch the guides rope the boats over the falls to the deep pool below. Little Falls, Blackadar and Surprise rapids await your arrival below the falls. Enjoy the incredible scenery, steep granite walls and ponderosa forest.
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We offer whitewater rafting trips to accommodate everyone from the total novice to the seasoned veteran.

Don't stress! We got the mess.

Lunch is Beachy

There is no better way to refuel and relax than with a delicious meal prepared by our Guides. Full-day trips on the Payette River include a stop on one of the beautiful beaches along the way for lunch.

Lunch features: 
Enjoy our homemade Caesar salad with grilled chicken, prepared in-house, topped with onions, tomatoes, and shredded parmesan. Lunch is accompanied by home-baked chocolate chip cookies, cantaloupe, and chips. 

 Your guide team will prepare your meal river-side and serve it up salad or burrito-style. 

 Salad contents can be adjusted to meet guest preferences.

Safety. Check!

All guides go through extensive training every season.

Our guides have been river enthusiasts for many years with years of river knowledge.

Gear is always being updated ensuring only the best equipment is used.

On our more adventurous class III-IV trips
 we provide a safety kayaker
that goes along with the trip. This is added safety in case someone becomes separated from the raft. They assist with either 
pointing you in the safest direction or take you 
back to the raft if conditions allow. 


They say it's a Splash!

  • "What a great day! We did a "team building" day on the South Fork of the Payette River. So much fun. Our guide Heather was awesome! She clearly know what she was doing, kept us safe and we had a HUGE amount of FUN! The Bear Valley staff are top notch. Can't wait to float again with them!"
    -- Leasa S.
  • "Bear valley river co was an amazing experience all around! We changed party size, and which tour we took, and they were so accommodating it was fantastic. Matt our guide for the day was the absolute best! He gave us a great briefing before the serious rapids and kept us safe and having an absolute blast the entire time! I cannot recommend bear valley and especially Matt any more! A must do if you are looking to cool off on a warm summer day or even if you are looking for an exciting out on the river! 10/10!"
    -- Derack
  • "We had a great experience with Bear Valley Adventures! Our guide Sam was professional, did a great job making us feel comfortable and capable and gave excellent leadership as we approached each set of rapids by explaining the route and paddle strokes needed. He was always calm and collected, never yelling at us. His knowledge of the area was great as well. We also had the option to do some extra moves in the water with our raft which were a lot of fun! We loved our time with Sam and recommend Bear Valley to anyone wanting to try whitewater rafting on the Payette River system."
    -- Merlin S.

Bear Valley River Co.

We are a small town company with an unbelievable staff, that love to come each day to the Center of the Universe for the WHITE WATER!! We pride ourselves in having the most experienced guides on the Payette River, they are licensed through the Idaho Guides and License Board, First-Aid/CPR certified, and most have taken upon themselves to be Swiftwater Certified through Sierra Rescue/Rescue 3 International. The staff goes through an extensive training program every Spring regardless if they have been here 2 years or 15 years to practice their skills. Our guides will show you their passion for the rivers through their humor but more than anything their experience and safety. 

Come join us for a Payette River adventure you'll never forget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are trips? 

Half Day trips are approximately 8 miles in length and you should plan on about 3 hours. Full Day trips are between 12-14 miles in length and leave Banks at 9:15am for Canyon and 9:30 for Cabarton and returning to Banks at about 4pm.

What should I wear? 

Closed-toe shoes that will not fall off your feet. Board shorts or swim suit; water-wicking, no cotton!

What should we bring with us?

Leave all valuables that can not get wet. Plenty of sunscreen, water bottles and plenty of water, towel for after your trip, and a change of clothes. You should wear whatever you feel comfortable getting wet in, swimsuits, shorts, rash guards, etc. also bring shoes or sandals that can get wet and stay attached to your feet. Signed Waiver.

How many people can fit into the rafts?

6-8 for the Main Payette and Cabarton trips. 6 for the Staircase and Canyon trips.

What days are you open and hours?

ear Valley runs trips 7 days per week May-September. Reservation and office hours are 7am-10pm daily.

What training is required of your guide staff?

All guides are licensed through the Idaho Guides and License Board through the State of Idaho. A certain amount of training and First Aid/CPR is involved the obtain this license. Although not required most Bear Valley guides have Swiftwater Rescue training and more advanced First Aid training (EMT, WFR, Outdoor Emergency Care, etc.). This is a passion for all of our guides and staff many are world class kayakers and have years and years of whitewater experience.

Should I tip my guide? And how much?

Gratuity is greatly appreciated, as with any other service job 10-20% of your trips cost is customary.

Is there any extra gear needed or provided?

Bear Valley provides all needed gear for our trips. Paddles, PFD (lifejacket), and Helmets are the basics. On cooler day's or for Spring trips we provide full wetsuits, splash tops, and neoprene booties. If you choose to bring your own gear it will have to be checked over by our staff. PFD's must be a whitewater certified jacket and be at least TYPE III our provided PFD's are TYPE V. No lake or water ski jackets will be accepted.

Do you take photos?

Absolutely!! We take photos of all of our trips through some of the more major rapids. After you return you can view and purchase photos at our site or also online.

Do I need reservations?

We do require reservations. With that said we try our hardest to accommodate late reservations and walkins. Call our office anytime and we will help get you the best trip for your group.
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