Our trips are led by the most experienced whitewater rafting guides on the Payette River; they incorporate their passion for the river into every whitewater rafting trip.


We offer whitewater rafting trips for all levels of experience, including some perfect for families with children as young as 4. These specially chosen sections of the Main and North Fork of the Payette are beautiful and exciting, for a trip your family won’t soon forget!


What better way to get your employees to work together than with a whitewater rafting trip down the rapids? Cooperation, teamwork, communication and the ability to follow instruction are all critical to successful whitewater rafting… and to business productivity. Starting with our safety talk, we stress the importance of working as a team to achieve goals on the river- keeping everyone together and having a great time. During the trip we continually work the group as a team with drills – practice that will be put to the test when we hit the rapids. Your employees will come out of this fun, experienced with increased confidence, self-reliance, and most importantly, trust. Let us whip your team into shape with a one or multi-day team building trip.


If you’ve ever taken one of your clients golfing and thought that was a great way to thank them for their business, just wait until you take them whitewater rafting! It’s a win/win opportunity for everyone!

Imagine helping each other gear up for the whitewater rafting trip and then sitting across from each other. You work together to shoot through the rapids, paddling in sync, sharing the fun and the excitement of the experience. When the trip is over you can put your arm around their shoulder and say “Wasn’t that great? You and I work so well together, we can accomplish anything!” Taking your client rafting sends a strong message about the strength of your relationship and your ability to work together.


We do sell gift certificates.  All you need to do is call our office and we will take care of the rest.

Pre-Season Rafting Booking Specials

We frequently have Special prices for booking your whitewater rafting trip, of 15 people or more, prior to April 30. Please call our office for details.